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How do I Improve my Conversion Rates?

Build engagement and improve conversion rates by seeking to educate, entertain, engage or inspire people.

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Risk: The Only Sensible Option

Some thoughts about risk inspired by a recent sell-out talk Rog How delivered at Glug, Bristol.

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Expert Interview: Tim Solomon

The former Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Portugal shares his thoughts on a strong ad campaign and why it is always good to ask yourself, "why not?"

Ideas . 27.01.19

How to Choose your Brand Colour

Colour is one of the most primitive, instinctive forms of communication we have. Make sure you harness this power in your brand.

News . 10.02.19

Our Agency Rebrand!

Ideas . 10.02.19

Expert Interview: Tom Locke

The founder and CTO offers advice on website development and what to look for in a CMS.

Ideas . 27.01.19

How to Rebrand

Wanting to rebrand is not a bad thing. Embrace change and get excited about the future!

News . 01.02.19

Our Lisbon Agency

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The Use of Emojis in Brand Messaging

Emojis are images which can support a brand’s message and help to communicate with an audience on a different level.

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About a Colour: Cadbury Purple

We look at the bizarre legal battles Cadbury have fought to keep the trademark for their iconic tint.

Ideas . 22.01.19

Rebranding: Your Company Makeover

A rebrand is a new lease of life, and thinking of a brand as a person can help visualise this process.

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Expert Interview: Michele Ferron

Digital marketing expert, Michele Ferron, shares advice on how to generate better social engagement.

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How Much does Branding Cost?

We believe agencies should be 100% transparent about costs. Here's what you should expect from a branding agency.

News . 20.01.19

The Best Tools for Remote Working

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How do I Create a Marketing Persona?

Creating imaginary customers can help you build your brand. Here's how to do it.

News . 14.01.19

Our Second Home: Second Home Lisboa

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How do I Choose a Branding Agency?

There are three things you should consider when looking for a creative agency partner: timeframe, budget and quality.

Ideas . 25.01.19

How to Post to Medium

A step-by-step guide on how to import your blog posts on to Medium - an online publishing platform.

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About a Colour: Tiffany Blue

We look at the history of Tiffany & Co.'s iconic hue - Pantone 1837 - which bears the same number as the year the company was founded.

Ideas . 07.01.19

Expert Interview: Fernando Mendes

Fernando Mendes is a Portuguese designer and entrepreneur. He talks to us about coworking, startups and his first love...

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What is a Marketing Persona?

Marketing personas are a great way of visualising your potential customers, which go on to inform and help us develop a brand strategy.

News . 04.11.18

Branding Mentor at Lisbon Challenge!

Ideas . 30.12.18

Using Research to Inform Brand Strategy & Design

Research is key to brand strategy - allowing you to represent your company’s true functions, values and character from solid data.

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What is a Brand Concept?

A concept is an ‘abstract idea’, and a good one is the backbone of a strong brand.

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Expert Interview: Nicolas Alpi

Nicolas Alpi is the CTO of CookiesHQ - a software company that creates apps for ambitious startups.

Ideas . 16.12.18

The Meaning of Colour

All colours have associations with emotions , so be mindful of them when creating your brand.

Ideas . 09.12.18

About a Colour: Pantone 805

We look at the history of neon, and the perennial attraction of this stand-out hue: Pantone 805.

Ideas . 02.12.18

How do I Create a Brand Identity?

It's important to remember that when you create a brand, you're creating a new entity.

Ideas . 25.11.18

Expert Interview: Phil Pearce

The analytics expert offers second-to-none advice on how businesses can get the best out of their SEO.

Ideas . 18.11.18

What is a Brand’s Tone of Voice?

How to use words to create a personality that engages with, and motivates, your audience.

News . 11.11.18

Our First Home: Pollen Place

Ideas . 04.11.18

How to Create a Brand for a Digital Company

Why branding is important for tech companies to feel personalised and speak directly to a target audience.

Ideas . 28.10.18

About a Colour : Yves Klein Blue

We take a look at Yves Klein, the artist behind the captivating International Klein Blue.

Ideas . 21.10.18

Expert Interview: Sara Toussimanesh

Sara Toussimanesh from 2C Digital Marketing shows how your business can spend less and grow more.

Ideas . 14.10.18

How to Create an effective Moodboard

Want to create an effective moodboard? Feed your eyes!

Ideas . 30.09.18

Using Illustration on Websites

How to harness the power of illustration to leverage the 'cool-factor' in your brand.

Ideas . 07.10.18

Creating Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

How to use the Adobe Illustrator CS Pattern Tool to make tiling patterns using images and vector shapes.

Ideas . 23.09.18

Building A Brand: Listening Heads

How we created the brand identity for a new social media and marketing agency.

Ideas . 16.09.18

Just Our Type: Dala Moa

Type is hugely expressive, so choosing the right one when creating a brand is important.

Ideas . 09.09.18

Building A Brand: Pollen Place

How we designed the brand identity, website and murals for our sister company.

Ideas . 02.09.18

Do I need Animation on my Website?

A few things you should consider before adding animation to your website.