Building A Brand: Listening Heads

How we created the brand identity for a new social media and marketing agency.

By Cat HowPosted in Ideas

We were approached by new London-based social media and marketing agency, Listening Heads, to create, develop and design their brand identity. Listening Heads is colourful and confident; digital yet tactile; professional yet approachable. They wanted their clients to feel that they were in safe pair of hands ,  but that the company had a playful and friendly side too.

We started out collecting images for a moodboard that we felt conveyed the cool, contemporary professionalism of the new brand: beautiful editorial layouts, Stussy adverts, quirky typography and san serif fonts which still had bags of character and style.

We wanted Listening Heads to transcend the digital, and feel approachable and tactile. So we researched paper stocks  - G.F. Smith business cards, stickers and post-it notes  - so that we could bring in some texture and warmth to the brand and its assets.

During our phone calls with Sophie Crossley (co-founder of Listening Heads) we also found out that she takes notes while listening to a client  - annotating and highlighting on pads and paper. This informed the main concept of the brand  - the “highlight” -  as a way of showing how Sophie ‘listens’ to people. So paper , as a graphical as well as conceptual device , was very important.

We then developed a bright, fresh colour palette  -  informed, in part, by Sophie’s bubbly personality and loosely inspired by the colours of highlighter pens. We looked at oranges, yellows, mints and dusty pinks.

We gathered greys of different shades and textures to reflect paper, and experimented with pairing contrasting colours together: reds and oranges… reds and pinks… After much tweaking we developed a refined palette of mint, chocolate, tangerine and lavender with a zingy light green as the main highlight colour.

The chosen colours and graphical devices informed the creation of the brand assets — which we then developed into a brand guidelines pack. This included logos in different iterations, a social media icon, favicon, textures, patterns, button styles, line styles and fonts. To view the complete project head to the Listening Heads page.

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