Building A Brand: Pollen Place

How we designed the brand identity, website and murals for our sister company.

By Cat HowPosted in Ideas

Our first project as a newly-formed design agency, was to design the brand identity, website, interior murals and artwork for our sister company -  Pollen Place. The coworking studios and event-space in Stokes Croft, Bristol, were undergoing a transformation. Morphing from a smaller coworking venture (called Work Differently), into a series of workspaces plus an event space  - they needed a new name and brand which reflected their new direction.

We took inspiration from mid-century modern art, Wes Anderson, Charles and Ray Eames, typography, tiles, Anna Kovecses and Richard Caldicott to name a few. A classic yet chunky typeface, packed with character (in this case Dala Moa) was re-worked to form the logotype.

We paired it with Europa to pull back on the playfulness of the logo and bring in some solidity. Warmth and playfulness were brought in through a retro-inspired colour palette of grey, teal, mustard and dusty pinks.

Copper was alluded to in the logo through a combination of orange and pink tones  -  and was used as a reference to pollen. This followed through in the interiors of the studios themselves  -  which had copper vinyl wall murals, copper painted bathroom walls, and copper feature lighting in the kitchen.

Bristol-based illustrator, Naomi Wilkinson, designed a modular illustration full of elements we could break down and use in image boxes across the website to add flavour and warmth. These included plants, laptops, books, retro furniture and cups of tea designed from our own Dutch mugs from Jansen+Co.

We also designed print collateral as well as three large murals that interconnected, and drifted across three large walls at the back of each of the three units. We made sure that each mural had every single brand colour in it, and every single brand graphic ‘pollen’ element too.

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