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By Cat HowPosted in News

In late September 2018, we decided to open up another branch of Polleni in Lisbon. We saw this as a great opportunity to expand our business in a beautiful, cosmopolitan city that was forward-thinking and open-minded. The fact it has 300 days of sunshine a year had absolutely nothing to do with it...

There is certainly a lot of hype around the Portuguese capital at the moment. Web Summit have just decided to extend their stay in Lisbon for another decade, and it has long been touted as ‘the next Berlin’ (relatively cheap to live) or ‘Europe’s answer to San Francisco” (both have big bridges!). This is largely due to the fact Lisbon has made a very good name for itself as a creative hub, tech capital and a top location for entrepreneurs. It is now in a solid 4th position when it comes to the Startup City Index, according to Forbes.

The strategy, branding and design work we’ve done for start-ups and scale-ups back in England (our Bristol agency still operates from our coworking studios, Pollen Place) - made us certain that Lisbon was another great place to find exciting new companies to work with. We have not been disappointed. The opportunity here is incredible, and a dynamic place to do business. All this against a beautiful backdrop of beach, beauty and laid-back Mediterranean vibes.

Our Lisbon studio is based in the colourful Second Home Lisboa above the Time Out Market in Mercado da Riberia, which we share with thousands of plants. If you are ever in town, please do pop by for a chat - we would love to show you what all the fuss is about.

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