Expert Interview: Sara Toussimanesh

Sara Toussimanesh from 2C Digital Marketing shows how your business can spend less and grow more.

By Cat HowPosted in Ideas

Sara Toussimanesh is Director at 2C Digital Marketing, a Bristol-based company which helps businesses spend less and grow more. 2C uses Digital Marketing methods like PPC Campaigns, SEO and Social Media to help their clients boost their online visibility, brand awareness and conversion rates. Sara lives and works in Bristol.

What do you love about Digital Marketing?

I love how each facet of digital marketing clearly integrates with each other. It truly is a cyclical process in which coordination and collaboration across each department is required in order to create a successful campaign. At 2C, we break this process down into four clear stages to help exemplify the role each area has to play: Strategy & Planning; Content & Creative; Targeting & Delivery and Measuring & Reporting. Neither one can fully perform or function without the other. Therefore, it’s so important to address each one accordingly - otherwise, you can find yourself amending or spending more money later down the line!

If a company has no Digital Marketing, where do they start?

Strategy and planning, without a shadow of doubt. As mentioned, it is an integrated process in which each stage feeds into the other. Without a strategy and plan, you can find yourself creating and delivering content to the wrong target and audience and in turn, not meeting your objectives/ KPIs. The whole campaign soon becomes a mass of meaningless data.

What makes a successful PPC campaign, and how can a business tell how well it’s doing overall?

Oh wow that is the ultimate question isn’t it!? There are definitely a few things you need to consider such as a thematic approach, relevancy, targeting settings and A/B split-testing. However, if you are new to PPC I would recommend undertaking a course (platforms such as Google and Facebook offer e-learning) or hiring a professional (it’s my full-time job!).  If you already have an account, warning signs tend to be disappointing results, as a lack of experience and expertise can mean poor account management - you wouldn’t build your own house so why do the same for your PPC account!

But I do have some suggestions. For those marketing whizz kids out there looking to exceed, or further improve their campaigns, I would suggest reading articles and blogs, such as my most recent one “PPC Audits - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”, to help analyse and assess your account in all its detail. As you can imagine, digital is constantly evolving so it is so important to have your finger on the pulse as you may be implementing outdated practices that are not fulfilling your accounts full potential.

How do I create regular, engaging content?

The first step is to identify a few landmarks in your digital journey, such as:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your objectives / KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)?
  • What has and hasn’t worked to date?
  • What are your USPs (Unique Selling Points)?
  • What is trending in your industry?
  • Who are your competitors and what are their marketing efforts?

You can then use that information to define a content mix. This - in non-marketing talk - means plan and schedule content that supports different objectives. For example, content on office culture can present fun and personality; industry news or updates can make you appear current and on-trend. Things like company thought pieces and blog articles can highlight innovation and educate; while price promotions can, of course, drive sales. You can then follow the digital marketing mantra: “Launch. Review. Adjust. Repeat” to help get you that step closer to meeting - if not exceeding - your marketing goals.

What advice would you give your marketeer self five years ago?

Strategise and plan. So many marketeers want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, so overlook this stage to get their campaign up and running. But you just end up with disappointing results at a higher cost.

How do you see Digital Marketing evolving in the future?

I definitely see automation becoming a key player. It is already starting to shake up the digital scene with Scripts and API’s being used in management and reporting. So I can see a shift in focus to the strategy and planning, and content and creation, facets of digital marketing.

These are where objectives and customer personas will need to be clearly identified and defined through primary and secondary research. That’s the future I think...

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