Why Wireframing is Important

Wireframing is the first stage of designing a website. It’s like the first sketch, to decide where everything will go, and therefore crucially important.

By Rog HowPosted in Ideas

Wireframing is the first stage of designing a website layout and pages. It’s like the first sketch, to decide where everything will go, and as a result is a crucial part of the design process that is often overlooked.

A good wireframe is the foundation of an easily-navigable, well performing website which will in turn create for a good customer browsing experience - which ultimately will lead to more sales. A good website - helps you grow.

Wireframing is the pre-design phase which solves the problems of where things will go, and why, rather than what they will look like. In wireframe layouts, instead of images and text, we use blank boxes and blocks of lines to indicate where text will go. We try and steer away from images at this stage, so as not to cloud the judgement on how the site will work and link together.

It’s very good practice to wireframe a website as it focuses on the the user experience (or UX). Think about how the user will use the site, what they might be looking for, and where they might expect to find it; rather than simply starting with what the site will look like.

A website (be this a lead-producing one or developed for ecommerce) has a function to fulfil - generating leads, making sales, or providing information. Wireframing focusses on functionality, without being clouded by aesthetic decisions. 

At Polleni, we like to wireframe, then populate the wireframe text or images, so the website design can then be created using real content. Our wireframes gradually evolve into the first content draft, and then the final website design can be produced.

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