The Brutal-List

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The Brutal-List - Brand Identity & Mobile Phone App

Brutalism.ˈBruːt(ə)lɪz(ə)m / A stark style of functionalist architecture, especially of the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by the use of steel and concrete in massive blocks.

The Brutal-List is a mobile phone App designed to celebrate and raise awareness of endangered, listed and locally recognised buildings in the Brutalist style. Users can search for buildings via a list or a map-view based on their location.

Group 554@2x

The Brutal-List App generates walking tours based on a user's current position. It uses the phone's camera to recognise buildings and provide information such as: status, listed building category, history and construction.

Group 554@2x

Save This Building!

The Brutal-List App has a social conscience. At its heart is the belief that old buildings still have a future and something to teach us about the past.

Users of the App can donate to a local charity or conservation fund to help save historic, yet overlooked, buildings from demolition. The App also has functionality to allow users to share their experience on social media to raise awareness.