Web Heroes

Group 554@2x

Web Heroes is a website for a local web designer meet-up that is as much about the people attending and the interactions between them, than the content of the night itself. It serves to extend the lifetime of the physical meet into the digital domain, where each person (or ‘Hero’) attending has a place to find out about forthcoming events, but also to forge links and connections between members before or after a meet has taken place.

Group 554@2x

Inspired by Lichtenstein (we used Benday dots and a cobalt blue prevalent in his work) and Pop Art - a playful comic-book style grid was used to reinforce the idea that each person was a Hero. Their superpowers could be represented - Top Trump style - in their profile information. The typography, photography and bold colour scheme is confident, contemporary, a touch irreverent and fun: perfect for a memorable meet.