What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a research process that seeks to get a snapshot of where the brand is, what people think of it and whether it's a true representation of the company behind it.

At Polleni we look at all the visible assets as well as written content to see if they are consistent, and then highlight areas for improvement. We want to understand your business, inside-out. So we break it down, in order to build it up together: better, and bigger again. We look at your brand's current market position, where it sits alongside competitors and whether it is achieving cut-through.

Interviews and questionnaires with staff alongside workshops with stakeholders, form the building blocks of our fully comprehensive brand audit. We use this as a foundation for work to come.

We then conduct interviews with existing customers, in order to create clear marketing personas. We group these in order to understand them more clearly, and use them to develop key demographics (‘who’ your buyer is) and psychographics (‘why’ they buy).

Ultimately a brand audit is a no-holes-barred assessment which determines the strength of your brand alongside its pressure points and weaknesses. It opens up discussion into how it can be developed and improved.

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