What is a Brand System?

A Brand System is a collection of design elements that together make a meaningful unit. Combined, they allow all your communication to speak in one consistent voice. All of these touch-points are connected and form a complex - but coherent - representation of your brand. When we create a brand system we include:

Logo: an image, text or shape that when combined depicts the name and purpose of your company. On a deeper level, it has to convey the attributes, values and personality of your company too.

Brand Colour Palette: a unique colour combination that expresses the personality of your brand. 

Brand Font: a set of fonts that convey the personality of your brand. Different fonts evoke different emotions, so choosing them is an art. There are three main groups - serif, san serif and script.

Brand Mark: a graphical symbol which becomes the primary visual signifier of a brand.

Brand Pattern: a pattern made from elements of the Logo, Brand Mark or other graphical assets generated in the production of a brand identity.

Imagery: any imagery or photography which is art-directed, treated or digitally manipulated in a way that reflects or represents the brand.

Typography: the use of brand fonts in the size of paragraphs and copy; as well as how messaging interacts with logos and other brand marks.

Layouts: the ratios and distribution between your brand elements.

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