What is Brand Illustration?

Brand illustration is the use of illustration to add depth, character and feeling to a company's brand. It's use is emerging as a vital part of the user experience - as illustration can help express the brand directly into a product.

Over the past few years, illustration is increasingly being used to express brand value - especially on websites for disruptor brands, young startups or innovative tech companies.

An image can communicate what copy and typography often can’t - and can set out a mood, tone-to-voice, target audience and attitude in a succinct visual. The power illustration has to capture this, is being increasingly recognised - and harnessed - by big brands.

Commissioning the right illustration to work with the right brand, though, is an art. There are so many different styles, trends and treatments that it is the job of an experienced creative director to make the right choice and know what feels like the right 'fit'.

Cat How - Polleni's creative director - worked alongside emerging illustrators for seven years when she ran her own e-commerce business, selling the work of independent designers and contemporary illustrators.

At Polleni we take great care to commission illustration from our international network of contemporary illustrators, whose style best reflects your brand.

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