What is Colour Theory?

Colour theory is both the art and the science of colour. Essentially, it is guidance on the visual effects of colour combinations, as well as practical advice on colour mixing.

Colour theory explains how humans perceive colour - on an emotional, subliminal and instinctive level; as well as how colours mix, match or clash.

As a result colour theory also includes categories of colours based on the Colour Wheel - including primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours.

It is important to know how different colours can evoke different emotions. All colours are imbued with multiple layers of meaning – some formed from primitive responses based on millions of years of evolved instinct within us; to the complex, cultural associations between colour and emotion we make based on learned assumptions.

Knowing what these emotions are, and why certain colours elicit these responses in us, is also a key component of colour theory.

At Polleni we use colour theory to influence our Brand Colour Palettes. These are a unique combination of colours that express the personality and ethos of a brand. 

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