What is Headless CMS?

A Headless CMS is essentially a content store. It holds only the text and images of your website, and has nothing to do with how the website looks.

The viewable part of the website, or ‘front-end’ is separate from the CMS, and is populated from the CMS using an API (application programming interface). In plain English this means that the content is pushed to the front-end when there is a change, but otherwise the front-end is static in between changes. 

The Headless approach delivers very fast load times for websites, as the page is just loading a simple static file and doesn’t need to pull any other information to render a page.

Headless CMS’s are also great if the content may need to be used in another place, like a web application. It also promotes an agile way of working as designers, developers and content creators can all work simultaneously on we projects projects.

That’s why at Polleni we work solely using Headless CMS technology.

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