What is Tone of Voice?

Your brand’s tone-of-voice is the intentional, consistent expression of your brand through words. It is what transforms it from a flat visual into a three-dimensional personality that engages with, and motivates, your audience.

Brand identity is what gives your brand a human quality that can be understood, and is relatable and therefore more memorable, to other humans.

Your brand’s tone-of-voice is what happens when your brand identity opens its mouth to metaphorically speak.

In a written sense this can be expressed by its choice of words, sentence structure and length, and the use of grammatical devices (even down to the inclusion of emojis and if so, which ones these would be).

People determine from these written cues whether your brand is funny, posh, friendly or clever. It’s a crucial dimension to a brand that is often overlooked.

By narrowing down on these characteristics, a far richer and more complex personality starts to emerge for your brand which you can then start to weave into copy and tone of voice. If you want to entertain and not take yourself too seriously - perhaps think about using light-hearted slang, playful hashtags, ironic emojis or exclamation marks.

It is important to remember that your voice should be bold, considered and present - but that it should also have a message behind it too.

This should be a call-to-action that pushes people to do something. This means your brand is not just broadcasting information (which can soon get boring and repetitive for your audience) but that it has an engaging voice that they relate to, and has them coming back for more.

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