What is Website Design?

Website design is the aesthetic part of the website creation process. It’s where the brand identity, or brand system is applied to the wireframes.

Website design adds the character, feeling and visuals to the layouts, and gives a clear impression of what the website will actually look like.

The design process will add the logobrand fonts and brand assets into the wireframes so that your website becomes part of your brand. 

Photographymessaging and tone-of-voice are also very important elements to consider as they all form the website and give the user the full impression of who your brand is and what it represents.

At Polleni, we see your website as the embodiment of your brand and every element of that experience should be considered. We provide all our clients with clickable prototypes, which we then convert into fast, robust websites.

We design, develop and host a range of websites - from small, single page sites, to brochure and portfolio sites to digital products and apps. We apply our design system to all facets of a website - from rollover styles to image crops - so that every aspect of your website can be considered as a representation of your brand in some way.

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