What is Website Development?

Website development is the building part of the website creation process. Once the website design has been created by the designer, this can then be passed to the developer who creates the actual functioning website. This involves using programming languages like html, php and CSS to create the website.

There are various different methods for developing a website, but a CMS (Content Management System) is usually used to add the content - this is the back-end of the website.

A CMS, like Wordpress, might also drive the visible part - the front-end of the website. Or if a headless CMS method is used, the front-end can be developed independently from the CMS and then connected using an API.

At Polleni, we favour a Headless CMS approach when developing websites. It’s faster, more flexible and more scalable and also allows us to start the web development process much earlier in the lifecycle of a project.

Parts of the site can start to be built as soon as the wireframes are completed, and the site can be developed concurrently to the designs. Our team work together rather than each waiting for their stage of the project to begin, which is far more efficient for all involved.

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