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Elucidata is a London and Bristol-based software design company, who specialise in building end-to-end data solutions. They create analytics and big data-processing products for start-ups to international conglomerates in markets as diverse as genomics medicine, PR, entertainment and finance.

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are often at the heart of what Elucidata produce, they needed a brand that could articulate their future growth in these sectors further. The brand also needed to reflect the beautiful, bespoke solutions the company codes for its customers; as well as the rich flow of communication between its remote teams.

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The Elucidata Moodboard we created as part of their brand strategy process. We were inspired by grid systems, Swiss graphic design, organic shapes and the theme of 'emergence'.

Working closely with Elucidata, we developed a brand strategy and created a brand identity and website that communicates the craft and elegance of Elucidata's offering, while simultaneously visualising the link between artificial intelligence and code.

We created a graphic 'Pulse', which was the primary signifier of the Elucidata brand. The Pulse touches on each of the company's key attributes. It is a blend between the two building blocks of code – 1 and 0 – and suggests that artificial intelligence occupies the magical, now materialised, space in between. The Pulse also symbolises the distance between two locations, the conversation between two colleagues and the open and transparent relationship Elucidata has with a client.

The Pulse was broken down into elements which could be used to create ever-evolving, ethereal patterns. An animation was produced to convey the magical yet methodical flow of data that runs daily through the company and its tech processes.

The wordmark is a customised version of the editorial typeface, Público. Letters were re-drawn so the Pulse peaks at the same time it travels through the wordmark. The friendly yet precise modern grotesque font Walsheim Light was chosen for display and body copy. Its technical, angled detailing offset the sturdiness of the Público serif.

We also designed and developed Elucidata's website, implementing the brand strategy, system and identity to create a platform that conveys the careful craft behind their intelligent software.

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