Brand strategy and brand alignment for NMI - a leading international payment software provider who handle $45B worth of payment volume a year.

NMI is an international leader in payment enablement. The US-based company provides payment solutions to retailers and handles $45B of payment volume a year. NMI's white-label capabilities, as well as breadth in connectivity and devices, set it apart in the payment industry.

NMI acquired UK company Creditcall in 2017 in order to create a truly global “Omni-channel Payment Solution”. The acquisition meant NMI needed brand strategy and alignment that reflected the spirit of the new company. Working closely with the CEO and Company Directors at NMI, we developed the brand identity, positioning, messaging and tone-of-voice for the company.

We immersed ourselves in the culture of Creditcall / NMI, developing a watertight company audit to better understand where the differences between the two companies lay. This shone a light on some of the pressure points of the new merged company, allowing us to see how it could be reshaped to better communicate its core attributes, values and personality.

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A selection of work from the NMI Brand Strategy Document we created - including Archetype and Colour Wheels; a Moodboard and Mission and Vision statements.

We conducted a series of interviews with leadership and employees. We analysed competitors from different verticals; and collected insights into how NMI see themselves now, and how they want to be seen in the future.

Working with NMI, we helped identify key brand attributes of the company. These brand truths (RTBs or "reasons-to-buy") are that NMI stands for more opportunity, has more breadth of service and are extremely knowledgable about what they do.

We also identified three core values: "collaboration", "simplicity" and "independence"; and uncovered key personality traits. If NMI were a person, they would be entrepreneurial, adaptable and considerate.

The company needed a brand identity that would clearly communicate these brand characteristics; as well as their functional and emotional benefit to NMI customers, or 'partners'. We developed a brand purpose statement which lay the foundation for NMI's universal brand idea, "make it together."

Moodboards, colour theory, a brand archetype and a brand character were designed to help NMI define their own distinctive brand voice.

Mission and vision statements were developed in order to provide NMI with an overarching strategy that would establish consistency, clarity and hierarchy in their communications.

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NMI sketchbook development

We really enjoyed working with Polleni on the brand strategy for our rebrand. They were keen, professional, conceptual and thorough. They managed a large group of stakeholders across different time zones, and were able to make sense of a complex brief with clarity and confidence. I would highly recommend them.

Ingrid Anusik — SVP Marketing

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