Oros Brand Strategy

Oros Education is a tutoring platform that connects exceptional tutors with the world’s most ambitious students. The company was founded by ex-Oxford University graduate, Harry Moore, with the aim of providing Oxbridge and Ivy League trained tutors with a good source of income and a flexible schedule that would fit around them.

Oros needed brand strategy, messaging and tone-of-voice development as well as a brand identity, brand system, UI kit, website design and headless CMS website build. Their brand idea - "elevating knowledge" - referenced the high standards the edtech platform has for its high achievers, but also what knowledge can do for each and every one of us if we truly value it. At its core was the belief in the power of education to enable, connect, liberate and uplift - from a tutor's perspective as well as a student's.

The Oros moodboard we created as part of their brand strategy and identity design process. We were inspired by contemporary illustration, stationery, print and colour block paintings.

We created moodboards inspired by Japanese graph and note paper, contemporary illustration, line drawings, book cover design and colour-block paintings. From this we developed a colour palette with a range of rich navy and inky-blues to reference highbrow academic institutions; complemented by a zingy cobalt blue as a nod to the innovative, technological edge of the brand. We used a suite of gold and flesh colours in different tones to make the brand feel more premium - but also warm, human and friendly.

A comprehensive brand system was developed with this palette, brand fonts and a system of lines, marks, patterns and textures. This informed the UI kit, which was built to enrich the website wireframes and subsequent website design. An Illustration Kit was also created in-house, and included quirky line-drawings with floating, elevated textures which we wove throughout the site to add humour and grace.

The logo referenced the collaboration between tutor and student - with one large 'O' of the wordmark representing the tutor, and the smaller 'o' representing the student. The small 'o' had a plinth underneath it, elevating it and celebrating it, while the larger 'O' was used alongside it to show how a tutor would support their student.

Print collateral - including a flyer, brochure and business cards - were all developed to chime with and reference the brand idea, as well as a collection of responsively-designed social media banners and avatars. The theme of 'elevation' was threaded into each and every one of these elements - from a simple, yet effective, parallax effect of lifting 'O's' on the landing page; to jumping 'O's on image sliders and even the bespoke 'O' - shaped cursor.

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