Phasecraft Brand Strategy

Phasecraft are one of the most distinctive quantum software companies emerging today. Based in Bristol and London, they are an elite academic research team who use disruptive theory to develop software for quantum computers. Phasecraft are building an understanding of the capabilities of quantum computers, and how this can be channelled in useful ways. The company are harnessing the power of this new and emerging reality, in order to shape the future. 

Phasecraft needed a comprehensive brand strategy, brand identity, brand system, print collateral, apparel design, website design and website build as well as help with messaging and brand positioning. They needed to show - to investors and future employees - how the team are world experts in the fields of computer science, experimental and theoretical physics, and maths. Phasecraft’s brand needed to be precise, technical - and beautiful. But it also needed to show that there is still much we don’t know about this emerging field of science. 

After extensive research and detailed client interviews, we developed mood-boards inspired by an eclectic range of sources. These included ink blots, blur and gradient effects, Albert Einstein and Alan Turing to DeLorean cars, phase interference patterns, disruptive typography and even the fresco painting 'The Creation of Adam' by Michaelangelo. Phasecraft was founded because the team believe that quantum computing is on the cusp of becoming a reality. It is this charged moment - present in the space between Adam and God’s fingertips - that we wanted to capture.

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The Phasecraft Moodboard we created as part of their brand strategy and identity design process. We were inspired by colour blends, wonky typography, Alan Turing, Patrick Caulfield and Italian contemporary illustrator Giacomo Bagnara.

We distilled our mood-boards and developed strategy and positioning around a ‘golden thread’ (a core message) based on the brand idea of “transforming theory into reality”. We used this to create a logotype and marque that had structure, but which was also ethereal. We wanted it to phase in and out, like a ripple.  

The Phasecraft logo represents a wave pattern as well as a qubit (a quantum bit) on a sphere. By phasing from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’ to ‘nothing’ again, it is also a visual representation of the brand concept. Namely, Phasecraft are making theory a reality, but they acknowledge the future is still uncertain. We wanted to visually represent how the team are moving beyond writing academic papers, and are now using their theories to bring the technology of the future – into today.

We designed a brand pattern from the logo - the “aurora” - which we used across print collateral. We evolved the pattern into a randomly generating CSS animation, which we rolled out across the website. 

The Phasecraft wordmark is a customised version of the geometrically constructed typeface Sul Sans, designed by Portuguese typographer Rui Abreu. GT Pressura Mono by Grilli Type was used for display and body copy. Inspired by metal type-printing, it was designed to suggest ink spreading under pressure from a stylistic device or letterpress block - an image we felt chimed with the gentle spread and ‘phase’ of the Phasecraft marque. Pressura’s soft, light detailing made it a good secondary typeface, as it read well but still retained an academic ‘tech’ feel.

Alongside a suite of presentation templates, social avatar and social banners; we also designed and developed the Phasecraft website. We wove the brand strategy and system into a platform that communicates the elegant craft of these quietly disruptive pioneers.

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