Pollen Place Brand Strategy

Pollen Place is a light-filled Workspace and Event Space located in the heart of Bristol's artist quarter, Stokes Croft. With 50 desks it is home to entrepreneurs, tech freelancers and creative businesses - including the UK branch of Polleni, which was founded there.

Pollen Place has a dedicated Event Space with professional photography, film and green screen facilities. At night the Space also plays host to a carefully curated program of networking, creative workshops, meet-ups and talks.

The company was founded by Rog and Cat How on the belief that collaboration is the key to success. It aims to nurture creative potential, spark productivity, create places and opportunities for people to talk and network: enabling growth.

We developed a brand strategy and new brand identity for Pollen Place that reflects this vision. As part of the process, we worked with the company to develop everything from their brand naming, identity and positioning; to its messaging, marketing, and website design and build. This followed through into exterior signage, interior mural displays and interior design.

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Pollen Place Moodboard we created as part of their brand development process. We were inspired by mid-century design, Charles and Ray Eames, Wes Anderson, terrazzo flooring and artist Jean Arp.

As a result of the strategy process, we found that Pollen Place is a 'creative caregiver' brand archetype. This meant that the company's values and attributes centred around service, innovation and structure. Research conducted also found many coworkers in the spaces often collaborated: 'cross-pollinating' their ideas, work, skills and expertise. 

Polleni developed this idea of warmth, connection and drift to come up with the concept for the brand, pollen. Just like particles floating in the air, pollinating and stimulating growth; so too do the coworkers, who drift physically in and out of the studios. Each time they do, connections are created which could one day grow into bigger and better things.

Moodboards were developed - based on the 'creative caregiver' archetype - in a soft, dusty colour palette rooted in comfort but with an appreciation of style and Mid 20th century design. Copper was chosen as the lead brand colour, and was woven into the interior design through mural graphics, pendant lamps and accent walls.

We commissioned award-winning Bristol illustrator, Naomi Wilkinson, to design a collection of contemporary, modular illustrations for the website and print collateral. These took inspiration from mid-century Eames furniture and used the brand's new colour palette developed by Polleni. These reinforced the company's creative credentials; pride in its locality and playful vibe.

The wordmark is a customised version of the stencil typeface, Dala Moa. It was chosen for its intricate and dramatic tapering of strokes, and the circles of its terminals which allude to pollen particles.

We also designed and developed Pollen Place's website. It built a platform that allows browsers to book tours and sign up to memberships online; as well as use an integrated booking system for the Event Space.

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