Rebeltech Brand Strategy

Rebeltech are a London-based agency who deliver PR and marketing impact for tech startups and scale-ups. Bold, boisterous and brazen - they rail against the status quo and use uncommon thinking in order to drive the best outcomes for their clients. A team of ex-journalists  and seasoned marketeers, they love to write, chat... and swear.

Rebeltech needed a brand identity, website design, website development and SEO strategy that would make them stand up and be counted. Their core brand positioner - “braver beats bigger” - was a gift of a message to work with. Paired with their strong personalities, we went as loud and as lary as we could - amplifying the design until they themselves told us to tone it down. By pushing it as far as we could, we got something which perfectly chimed with their ethos.

The Rebeltech Moodboard we created as part of their brand identity and website design process. We were inspired by letterpress, 1990s typography, phonetic type and swearing.

Inspired by their love of words and language - we developed a system for the brand we called ‘phonetic typography.’ We deconstructed letters down to basic shapes, using them as flexible graphic blocks which could visualise speech and the way certain words are pronounced. Impact was therefore represented as “i-mmm-paa-ccccccct” - written just how you speak it, for example. 

Moodboards were created inspired by responsive type, editorial design and shouty 1990’s billboards. A colour palette was developed inspired by red-top tabloids and the warm tones of newspaper and ink. Patterns were developed for a company deck and other collateral, where letters cascaded, stretched and warped. 

On the headless CMS website itself - CSS animations were created so that words filled every breakpoint of a screen, jostling about in a bun-fight to be heard. Each word was phonetically worked, so that you could ‘see’ the speech on each page, with a different brand message.

The Rebeltech wordmark is a customised version of the Druk font by Commercial Type - chosen for its large number of weights. A study in extremes, Druk flexes between achingly skinny and narrow, to wide and unashamedly chunky. Overall, it is uncompromisingly bold and a perfect partner for the expressive typographic treatment we wanted for the Rebeltech brand. Moderat by Tightype was chosen for body copy due to its low stroke contrast, closed apertures and angular details which we felt complimented the vivacity of Druk.

Alongside the website we developed email footers, print collateral and a company deck that helped Rebeltech be as brave as they could possibly be.

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