Unio Brand Strategy

Unio are a British company who provide technology consultancy and recruitment to large organisations embarking on change programmes. Unio excel at finding the right people to fit the best jobs for a client (in their case the NHS) most in need of innovation. 

Unio’s strength is its network: a curated team of highly skilled professionals who are placed in different companies in order to transform their digital services, develop apps or replace out-of-date IT systems.

Unio needed a comprehensive brand strategy, brand identity, brand system, print collateral, website design and website build as well as help with messaging and brand positioning. They needed to show their knowledge, integrity, credibility and quality. 

The Unio moodboard we created as part of their brand strategy and identity design process. We were inspired by mid-century furniture, contemporary ceramics, bold typography and luxurious textures.

We developed their golden thread (or core positioning message) to be “Connect, Work, Deliver.” We wove this idea of three (three words, three shapes, three customer personas) into the logo, brand system and subsequent website. 

We designed mood-boards inspired by 1950s furniture; Saville row tailoring; luxury stationery; humanist sans serif typography; still-life photography and contemporary ceramics. A restrained colour palette was developed which referenced efficiency, quality and composure - made up of a deep olive green, rich jet black, cool grey and dusty pink.

We deconstructed the letters in Unio so that they became a series of circles and bars (or ones and zeros, an indirect indication of technology and code), and arranged them to form a marque. The circles became three people - their arms the bars - who can be seen shaking hands, working, connecting and delivering. From these we created a series of textures, which we rolled out across the website and print collateral. 

Chromatica - a clean geometric sans by young, disruptive Glaswegian type foundry Polytype - was chosen as the primary brand font. Its simple, blocky forms, humanist strokes and angled terminals gave it a warmth, yet precision, we felt was bang-on brand. Crisp and elegant in light weights, sturdy and approachable in heavier ones - it was the ideal font for Unio.

We designed and developed the Unio website using headless CMS technology. We used the three circles as graphic devices across the site - using them to navigate vertically down pages as well as on buttons. 

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