Web Heroes Brand Strategy

Web Heroes is a website for a local web designer meet-up that is as much about the people attending - and the interactions between them - as the content of the night itself.

Designed for .Net Magazine, Web Heroes serves to extend the lifetime of the physical meet into the digital domain. Each person (or ‘Hero’) attending, has a place to find out about forthcoming events, but also to forge links and connections between members before, or after, a meet has taken place.

Web Heroes Moodboard we created as part of the brand development process. We were inspired by Pop Art artists including Warhol and Lichtenstein; Op Art artists including Bridget Riley and Pantone 805.

We created a brand identity that was fresh, light-hearted and socially astute. As the meet was friendly and informal, it was important the brand didn't take itself too seriously either. But it still needed to be inspiring. This was important for member retention and to generate more buzz and activity online.

Inspiration for the brand character was taken from superhero comics, Pop Art and Roy Lichtenstein. These were chosen for their playfulness, vibrant use of colour and rebellious streaks.

A comic-book style grid was used to reinforce the idea that each person was a Hero. Their superpowers could be represented - Top Trump style - in their profile information. An event calendar and personal gallery for showcasing work, were also built into the site. Benday dots, referencing Lichtenstein, were used to create a brand pattern which was woven across the site for greater visual consistency.

Web Heroes' typography, photography and punchy colour palette is confident, contemporary, a touch irreverent and fun: perfect for a memorable meet.

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